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What Is a Health Coach?

Health Coaching is a partnership between coach and client in which the coach guides the client toward the changes they want to make. Coaching sessions are built on trust and respect using the client’s core values and priorities. Goals and strategies are created together using the client’s strengths and prior successes as tools.

How Does a Health Coach Differ from a PCP?

Health Coaching sessions are typically 30-minutes in length and are typically scheduled weekly or bimonthly in order to gently keep the client on track with their goals. Each session is personalized to focus on the current health challenge based on the client’s readiness for change.

What Training do the Health Coaches Have?

Our Health Coaches have a minimum of 60 hours of extensive in-person training, at least 200 hours of coaching client experience, and completed the National Board Medical Examiners test for the National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaching credential.

How Do I Know if Health Coaching is for me?

Health Coaching is a great tool for anyone who needs support creating a personalized plan and reaching the goals and strategies identified in the plan. Wanting to improve something is one thing, but actually achieving what you want is something entirely different, which in effect, will positively change your life. Working with a coach significantly increases the likelihood of your success in any area of your life. And you are definitely worth it!

What Kinds of Lifestyle Changes Might my Health Coach Recommend?

Health Coaches will help you identify a lifestyle vision that is based on your values and priorities. From your vision, goals and strategies will be created that makes the most sense to you using your strengths and past successes as tools. Together with your coach, a plan will evolve. Lifestyle changes vary from person to person depending on their need and want and willingness. Changes in tiny habits to big choices are waiting for you with the guidance of your coach.

How can a Health Coach Help Treat my Sexual Dysfunction?

A Health Coach can help by exploring the various factors that could be affecting the health condition. Such factors may include amounts of physical fitness, proper nutrition, stress management, relationship dynamics, self-worth, sleep quality, self-care, recent medication changes, current medical conditions, and environmental factors. By addressing the highest need first and using a personalized, client-centered coach approach, clients will quickly engage in a healthy lifestyle that supports their overall wellbeing. 

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