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Innovating the Next Step in Men’s Total Wellness

Our Future


To provide men the information, motivation, and tools to improve their sexual health and overall health.

Everything we’ve learned over the past several years of providing one-on-one, comprehensive men’s health care has brought us to where we are today. We’re at a moment of innovation, combining our original mission with new approaches that are designed to bring ZestED to even more men who need professional support in order to be their best.

With our passion for patient education, technological advancements, experience working directly with men, and clinical understanding of men’s overall health, ZestED is taking the next step toward the future of men’s health.

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Holistic Men’s Health Support on a Cutting-Edge Platform

A Virtual Platform for Optimizing Men’s Health

In our years of experience, we’ve found that the current state of digital healthcare is providing insufficient, non-comprehensive solutions for men who wish to live healthier lives, or even those who are currently struggling with a sexual or non-sexual health condition. These solutions are segmented, focused on treating individual symptoms with medication, temporarily offering relief while failing to provide holistic solutions that identify the source of a man’s health struggles.

ZestED has always focused on treating a man as a whole, and our time in men’s healthcare has taught us that sexual dysfunction is often one of the first red flags of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions that can actually pose a risk to a man’s life, let alone his sex life.

In this way, sexual dysfunction may just save a life.

The future of ZestED is the first virtual men’s health coaching platform focused on sexual dysfunction that addresses a wide range of serious health issues, helping men identify the source of their condition rather than simply treating the symptoms. Our platform will then guide clients, educate them, and motivate them through the transformational behavioral changes they want to make in order to improve their health. 

Curious about how we got here? Click below to learn more about our journey to help men be their best.

Our Story

“Sexual dysfunction is the canary in the coal mine, signaling underlying medical issues that must be addressed.”

Martin Miner, MD

Co-Director of the Men’s Health Center at Lifespan
Past President, American Society of Men’s Health
Medical Director, ZestED