Chronic pain comes in many varieties and can be traced back to a wide number of underlying causes. But one thing is for certain -- your pain can get in the way of many joyful parts of your daily life, including sex. 

Many men who struggle with chronic pain believe that a healthy sex life is beyond the realm of possibility for them, but the team at ZestED wants to emphasize that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are some tips from us on how to navigate your sex life and take back control while managing your chronic pain: 

1. Reconnect With Your Partner

Whether due to the nature of your condition or medications you’ve been taking to mitigate your symptoms, chronic pain may have prevented you from wanting sex in the past. After all, who wants to be active in bed when they’re hurting? But now you’re in the mood, and you may find that things aren’t quite the same between you and your partner as they were before you started experiencing pain. Sit down in a neutral zone with your partner (not one associated with sex or intimacy in your relationship) and have a frank discussion about the distance between you. You may find that your partner is afraid they’ll cause you more pain by touching you, or they may not feel confident or aroused after a long period of time without sex. If you’re having difficulty rekindling things on your own, a great option for you may be sensate therapy, which allows you to explore what forms of touch feel good to one another without the pressure of performing sexually. 

2. Adjust Your Sex Schedule

Having sex in bed at night is extremely typical, especially for the average married couple -- it appears that most people have sex between 10pm and 2am. But as ubiquitous as this fact may seem, the truth is that this has more to do with societal norms than biology, and you can have sex at any time that works for you. For many patients struggling with chronic pain, time is a constant battle; between flare-ups and conserving your limited energy for work and other tasks, you may find yourself in want of nothing more than a pillow when that “magical” four-hour period comes around. Communicate with your partner about what time of day you have the most energy and arousal, and try to plan your sexual encounters around that time period. You may find you have more success that way than trying to conform to the bed.

3. Address Your Underlying Issues

With this tip, we’re not suggesting that you’re not receiving treatment for your chronic pain already, or that every condition that causes chronic pain can end in a complete recovery. However, at ZestED, we believe that men’s health is a whole-body experience, and receiving patient-focused treatment for underlying conditions that cause erectile dysfunction and other sexual difficulties is part of a well-balanced men’s healthcare plan. That’s why we recommend health coaching to men who struggle with conditions that affect their sex lives and their overall wellness. A ZestED health coach can work alongside your men’s health specialist and your primary care provider to offer you a plan of action and consistent support as you take your life back from chronic pain.

At ZestED, we want all men to know that with support, guidance, and communication between you and your partner, it is possible to have a healthy, satisfying sex life, no matter what. If you’re ready to receive support from a specialized men’s health team as you take back control from your chronic pain, we’re ready to meet you.

Don’t wait to get the men’s health guidance you deserve. Stay safe, stay well, and Get ZestED today!