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3 Tips for Navigating Sex With Chronic Pain

Many men who struggle with chronic pain believe that a healthy sex life is beyond the realm of possibility, but this could...


Men’s Emotional Health: Tips for Stress Management

Here are three tips from us on creating a healthy, low-stress environment for yourself, even in these difficult times.


Focusing on Nutrition: The Men’s Health Way

At ZestED, we know that men’s health doesn’t just come down to one element, and that what you’re putting in your body shou...


ZestED Health Coaching: The Next Level of Men’s Health

At ZestED, our mission has always been to provide men with the total support they need to live the happiest, healthiest li...


Be Your Best Self: Men’s Health Goals for 2021

At ZestED, we treat our clients in a way that specifically addresses their health needs as men. Here are three ways you ca...


COVID-19 and Erectile Dysfunction: Here’s What We Know

The team at ZestED wants all of our patients to understand the seriousness of the virus, so we’ve compiled four reasons wh...


Staying Fit the COVID-19 Way

Here are four tips for staying active for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, even when the gym may not be a safe optio...


Why Are Men at an Increased Risk for COVID-19?

At ZestED, we want men to not only understand their risk factors, but see a clear course of action for doing everything th...


Quarantine Blues: How Men Can Stay Mentally Healthy in Isolation

Here are a few ways you can take care of yourself and address your mental health as we continue to fight COVID-19 together...